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lolikillyaaa a
lolikillyaaa @ World Of Adonia
posted Tue at 16:58
epicheroex Finally o:
CreeperKitten_ *heavy breathing* *heAVY BREATHING*


Chiiklez a posted Oct 5, 14
Everyone working on World of Adonia would like to express their thanks and gratitude for all the hype and anticipation of our new project.

I would like to make some clarifications however.

First, even though we mostly consist of the heads of RevelationCraft, WoA will NOT be like it. NOT. NOT AT ALL. This will NOT be a Factions server, or a minigame server. WoA will be a highly customized mmoRPG server.

Second, WoA will be a PREMIUM server; sorry to all our old cracked players.

Please visit our forums for more information about the server, and feel free to leave suggestions and ideas that you would like to see. Thank you all, see you all in Adonia soon !

Dynamic map: Here
The server is still being worked on.

ZackDudeFTW Fuck yes mmorpg Ftw
Fawx999 Good to tell others so you guys won't have to deal with it soon ^^


lolikillyaaa a
lolikillyaaa @ World Of Adonia
posted Sep 6, 14
You awake in the twelfth century next to a shipwreck, you can’t seem to remember where you came from, or who you are exactly, you heard of rumors of a new plague that causes amnesia, a plague known as Anmist. You seem to have been one of it’s victims, what will you do to find your identity and the source of Anmist? Whom or what could have released these toxins?

Dynamic map: Here
The server is still being worked on.

60 / 100
hidra5 i cri
spo1_cyclone1 Cracked:(
ewwmustardcake wait wats the ip?
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