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Last updated: 2/14/2015

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lolikillyaaa Elder posted Feb 18, 15

Hello everyone! World Of Adonia is looking for builders and helpers to help complete the server. If you would like to become a builder or a helper on WoA, please fill out this application. Apply here.

JayyDemon How the fuck did RV die out. -_- I want it back... LOLI, GET ME ON THIS SHIT
Capelad :) Ok Fine :3 , I Will make cracked revelation! soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im making it today :D but one problem I cant make peop ...

Das Update!

Chiiklez Elder posted Feb 5, 15

Been a while, I hope everyone had a exciting new year. This is a new year for us at WoA as well, one we know will be full of exciting features and the start of our anticipated project. In my last post, I had said I would be going more into detail on certain aspects of the game mechanics. In this post I will be talking about Resource Gathering, in particular Herb Collecting and Mining; the Skill System; and about Adonian Tokens, and how they will work within the game.

Resource Gathering
No self respecting RPG game could go without having players gather resources. This is basically the point of Minecraft as well, so we incorporated our own way of gathering in the world of Adonia.
Ore formations can be found throughout the world. The most obvious places to look would obviously be in mines and caves, but they can also be found throughout the overworld as well.
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