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Last updated: 11/28/2014

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Das Update!

Chiiklez Elder posted Jan 17, 15
Been a while, I hope everyone had a exciting new year. This is a new year for us at WoA as well, one we know will be full of exciting features and the start of our anticipated project. In my last post, I had said I would be going more into detail on certain aspects of the game mechanics. In this post I will be talking about Resource Gathering, in particular Herb Collecting and Mining; the Skill System; and about Adonian Tokens, and how they will work within the game.

Resource Gathering

No self respecting RPG game could go without having players gather resources. This is basically the point of Minecraft as well, so we incorporated our own way of gathering in the world of Adonia.

Ore formations can be found throughout the world. The most obvious places to look would obviously be in mines and caves, but they can also be found throughout the overworld as well.

This demonstrates how the mining will work. Ore formations will regenerate after a certain amount of time. This only shows coal mining, however there is more to mine. These ores can be sold, used for repairing, and much more.

Herb harvesting is another part of gathering. These herbs have multiple uses as well, such as being ingredients for foods, potions, and other creations, as well as being able to be sold.

There are patches of herbs to be found around the world that contain specific herbs to be harvested. There is also unidentified herbs. These must be harvested, and once harvested and identified, becomes a random herb, as seen below.

Skills System

The clip above shows a quick preview of the skill system. The skill system is broken up into 3 different sections: Magic, Passives, and Equipment.

  • Magic: This section contains all the magical abilities (surprise surprise) you can get in game. This is then broken up into even smaller sections, Elemental, Body, and Illusion. The GIF goes a bit fast (only a preview, more on it in the future), but it navigates into the Magic menu near the end, and then into the Elemental, and then EVEN further in, into the Ice Element section. There are other elements; Body contains its own sections that apply to defense and attack spells, as well as healing and debuffing; and Illusion has even more. Each spell/skill also contains levels to unlock, typically up to level 5, but can vary between each one. This means you can unlock level 1 Ice shard, then save Skill Points to be able to unlock each level up to its max of level 5. A Level 5 Ice Shard attack is MUCH stronger than a Level 1 Ice Shard, obviously, but also takes a great deal more mana.
  • Passives: any skills that will automatically be enabled once unlocked falls into this catagory. That means abilities such as increased Health, speed, and much more.
  • Equipment: In order to use equipment, you will have to learn to use them using skill points. There are various different weapon types, such as Swords, Daggers, Clubs, Staffs, and Bows. The clip hovers over them, so take a look. There is also 3 different catagories of armors: robes, mail, and hide. Every weapon and armor has different stats that work towards their respective catagories. Robes have very little defense, but provide the most Mana Regeneration, Hide provides more Dodge and Ranged modifiers, and Mail armor provides more defense than all others. Daggers deal less damage, but have better chances of having high Critical Chance stats compared to a Waraxes, which typically provides higher Critical Damage, or Warhammers that provde higher Daze stats. Each armor and weapon also has 3 tiers:
    • Common,
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
Each tier needs to be unlocked in order to be used, as well as meeting their minimum level for use.

If you can't tell from that SUPPPPERRR long description I wrote, which barely scratches the surface, there ALOT of possibilities for customization. Do you want to make a stealthy ranger who likes using knives and fire elemental skills? You can. How about a Paladin type tank character, who can wear the stronger Mail armor, and is balanced at using both warhammers and swords. AS well as using healing magic for himself and his party? You can. Or maybe a pure mage, who can use all the max level skills, such as Fire Ring, Ice Barrage, Static Discharge, and much more? You can. For this reason, everyone will be allowed a total of *3 characters* to start off and customize. This means you can play your level 21 ranger/knife dude, then go to the Character Select lobby and choose your level 5 Paladin tank lady/man/potato, and if your friends need a beast mage in their party to tackle a dungeon, you change to that level 44 uber-mage you have.

You will also be able to unlock more character slots, for a max total of 6 (holy guacamole, I know) through the Shop. Which moves us foward to the last section of this post..

Adonian Tokens

Adonian Tokens, as I touched on in the last post, is the main currency of this server. You will be able to purchase these tokens in our shop (which currently open, check it out, some things have been opened to the public so you guys can get a sense of what it will contain) however this is not the only way they will be obtainable. They will be obtainable in-game through a variety of ways. They can be randomly looted from Treasure Chests, and Mythic Chests will have higher Token yield percentage (More on Chests soon), killing mini-bosses and bosses in dungeons. World Events will also provide participating players with some, and more

These tokens are used to buy several different extremely useful things. The ones we are willing to talk about at the moment are Chest Keys and XP Boost scrolls. Using tokens, you can buy yourself an XP boost, to help level up that extra character you have, to reach the minimum level for Rare tier weapons and armor, or maybe to participate in a certain quest. Whatever the reason, these boosts will be incredibly helpful. Chest Keys, in particular Treasure Keys, unlock Treasure Chests that can be found throughout the world. These chests contain better loot than regular chests and crates that can be looted. Treasure Keys can also be obtained through monster drops, not just through the shop, however if you find yourself finding more Treasure Chests than keys, the Token shop will come in handy. Much more exciting stuff to be revealed later.

In-game is not the only way to get these tokens, however. You will also be able to earn these tokens right here (Yes! Right Here! Tots for realzzz) on the sites forums. Active players on the forums (not spammers, we keel u) will be awarded for reaching post milestones; we have also added Submission Forums. We want players to interact with us as well, and help us build this unique world we call Adonia. Throughout the world, you will be able to loot Books, unique books. Each book will have stories written on them, all original, written by us, or even by players.

Players can submit their own stories in the Lore Submission Forums, and if approved, earn Adonian Tokens for them, and see their story in-game along with credit for writing it. Stories can be literally anything you can think of. A cookbook, a guide for picking up hot pixel ladies(or dudes, whatever floats your boat) in a tavern, scaryyyyy stories about Herobrine (please don't write about Herobrine though, bleh). Point is, anything and everything is free game, as long as you follow the guidelines posted within the forums in the Pinned Thread at the top.

Watcha waiting for, ye fools? Start earning some tokens now!

Merry Xmas

Chiiklez Elder posted Dec 25, 14
Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, Merry Ho-ho day, Happy Kwanzy and what not.

I know it has been a while since any posts or updates were posted, and many of you have been asking the same questions: Is this project dead? Did they just abandon it? Did they ABANDON US!?! D':

This post is here to tell you, no.


We are still here, still working, still perfecting. I'll admit my fault, I was overzealous before, and pushed to publish a release date that we couldn't hope to accomplish. I'm sure people will think I'm making excuses, I'm bullsh*tting, etc. I'd just like to extend my apologies to those who have been patient with us, waiting for us to release this project, obviously exhausted of those same servers, of that same exhausting process of collecting diamonds, crafting diamond armor, and making obby bases 300 blocks into the ground, over and over again.

If that is true, then you'll be very glad you waited. If not, SORRY LOLZ.

First off, I'd like to ask for a moment of silence....
Thank you. For who you may ask did I have that moment for. That moment was for a beloved friend, A comrade, one who has been with us from the beginning. RIP Loli's PC.

He (Who I liked to call 'Cooler Loli') passed away three weeks ago, on to the great internet in the sky. This obviously caused a bit of a delay for us. Luckily for us, a new friend emerged, one I'm happy to call Even Cooler Loli'.

Now that our head developer is back in business, we've been busier than ever working on the server.

Between the computer and staff issues, we had hit a bit of a hard patch, but happy to say we're back on track. There hasn't really been much in the way of 'so wtf is this even about bruh' so I'm taking this time to show off some features we've worked really hard to code and set up. 

I wanted to showcase some features we've developed, but I also wanted to post this today, and with life I just didn't have the time to record videos right now. However, I will be making videos this week, and posting them on here.
The first feature I'll showcase is one I'm excited for, the skill system. The next feature I'd like to showcase is our custom mobs. The next one is something many traditional minecrafters will be happy for, our housing system. Last video I'm showcasing will be about a unique feature,  (THIS IS LIKE MAH BABY) world events. I plan on releasing the first video in the next couple of days.

We also have unique quests, where YOU can choose the outcome. This guy lost his stuff, and needs it back, You find his belongings, but then a thought occurs, 'I could probably sell this for more than that fool can give..'. Want to backstab the guy? Go for it! Trying to help a brother out? Go right ahead. We of course have the standard quests to help you through the game, such as Grandma Baggins needs you to get her 'special ingredients' for her special Meat Pies. What's her special ingredients you ask? Rotten flesh of course! Yum.

There's also PVP arenas, where you can safely duel others to test your skills, and The Wild. The Wild is a special place in Adonia where you can fight others, but unlike the arenas, dying here means losing your items. Gain Wilderness kills to unlock special items, as well as a title for yourself as a cold blooded killer. 

PvE more your style? Dungeons are available, some that can only be tackled by a party; these dungeons hold special loot, as well as bosses that drop all sorts of treasures, including Adonian Tokens.

Adonian Tokens are the paying currency we have established for the server. If you look at your Account section, you will see your current total Token amount, as well as history. These tokens are used to buy things in the unreleased Token Shop. These items will include special items such as 30 Minute EXP Boosts, Keys, Furniture, and much more. These tokens can be earned in game, or purchased through our Token Shop. More on this will be released in the future.

For those who read through this entire post, I salute you.

TL:DR Project still alive, many cool features, so cool, so sweet. 

Any and all comments and questions are welcome, go ahead and post on here or on the forums,
pandee For a minute, I thought loli actually died. :|
epicheroex Noice.
captainxdify LOLed pretty hard ggwp

New Release Date

Spinalvine99 posted Nov 8, 14
Due to some last minute things we need to get done, we will be releasing with the spigot 1.8 release. I know how much you guys have been looking forward to this, and I'm sorry to have to announce this. We will be posting daily updates and spoilers on what we are working on for you guys to see what we're working on. Thank you for all the support.

To check on the progress of Spigot 1.8, please go here.

As a thank you, we will be giving everyone a free mount, The Fire Mount.

ZombieDolly Excited for this to open up!!! Is there a mailing list to announce it's been opened?
Darkeye | Electronic Knight Oh well. Look on the bright side, Free fire mounts ! ...
Fawx999 ;-; *sob* Damn.. I need to patient. Again.


Chiiklez Elder posted Oct 5, 14
Everyone working on World of Adonia would like to express their thanks and gratitude for all the hype and anticipation of our new project.

I would like to make some clarifications however.

First, even though we mostly consist of the heads of RevelationCraft, WoA will NOT be like it. NOT. NOT AT ALL. This will NOT be a Factions server, or a minigame server. WoA will be a highly customized mmoRPG server.

Second, WoA will be a PREMIUM server; sorry to all our old cracked players.

Please visit our forums for more information about the server, and feel free to leave suggestions and ideas that you would like to see. Thank you all, see you all in Adonia soon !

Dynamic map: Here
The server is still being worked on.

DeniedAssassin What is mmorpg?
ZackDudeFTW Fuck yes mmorpg Ftw
Fawx999 Good to tell others so you guys won't have to deal with it soon ^^
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